Bridal Shower

Springtime Showers and Dainty Fresh Flowers by Julie Greco

Hard to believe that just one week ago today I was amongst my Family and Friends celebrating my Bridal shower. The memory fresh as If I was still living the day; a day in which I will never forget.

Being a florist I had a dream of the prettiest daintiest bridal shower I could think of. 

The Theme: Chanel with an intense side of floral extravaganza.

The Games: Guests enjoyed the build a bouquet station filled will an abundant array of flowers and fillers. Not to mention the Chanel inspired fragrance bar where guests got to build a signature scent

The Flowers: All flowers were provided by yours truly #petalsandstems, from processing to placement to sheer enjoyment of being able to love my work, I could not have been more pleased by the outcome. 

Thank you to everyone who made this day as special as it was. I could not have dreamed it up any better. Big thank you to my friends, family and "My Mother" for creating an amazing everlasting memory for me. 

Peace, Love and Florals, "Always", 

Jules xoxo