Graciously Ranting the Good Rant by Julie Greco

So, I don't blog, but from time to time I guess a few neat things happen that I want to share with my lovely following and a blog post (more like excited rant) seems fitting. This my friends is one of those times!

Over the past few weeks, I've gotten to do a number of arrangements. A few were for love and a few for just because, all made with one objective in mind...the recipient. I am happy to say that I put so much thought and effort into my work that when the Fl'art (floral art) gets delivered, and I see the look on the recipients face, I then know I've been successful in making something truly special for my clients.

Oh boy, if my flowers could talk, I wonder what they would have to say lol...probably that I'm slightly neurotic and extremely process oriented. Yes people, flowers are a process. You didn't just think those pretty little things last as long as they do without a ton of TLC. That would be a nugatory!

I am excited every time I get to create something and get to be a part of the special moments in peoples lives. I know I've said it many times before and I'll probably say it many times more that I am truly blessed to have such an amazing following, but I am. The fact that people actually care what Petals & Stems is up to, is A-mazing!!!

I am super stoked for this weekend in particular. On the roster for this weekend are a few arrangements, crowns and bouquets for a wedding scene in a cute upcoming indie film...thanks to @shopbicyclette who presented this fabu request to collabo with her on this awesome opportunity. I can honestly say that I've been obsessing all week over what flowers I'm getting, how they will be placed, the vessel they will be held in and how it will all come together in the end.

Is this still a blog, or borderline novel?!?! Sadly I feel like I'm still ranting the good rant lol but I thank all who are taking time out of their schedules to read along and share in my excitement with me.

I'd also like to note that one of my very good friends and her husband became first time aunts and uncles this week and I could not be more happy for them! Congratulations are in order @alkerr and @ivykerr. So in addition to all the movie madness I will be working on something super special for little baby Eva. I'm thinking something that says welcome to the world little one, you're going to love it here :)

Stay tuned this Saturday to see what the end results are!!!

Peace, love and flowers always!

Jules xoxo