Valentine’s Roses, Ranunculus and Romance by Julie Greco

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! Valentines that is; with each holiday, surpassing, the one before.

"The flowers were flowing the love was in the air and deliveries were going out the door"
I absolutely love Roses, and oh boy, Valentines is the purrrrfect holiday to have those babies on display.

Not only was the cooler dressed with the best roses, we had Parrot Tulips, and Clooney Ranunculus “Hot D’awg” those big eyed beauties take my breath away. I planted the seed with the hubs early on that he could get them from one of my suppliers. They knew exactly where to get him some if he was in the market to buy hehe and to my surprise "he delivered."

The studio was popping Friday night… and me; I was high on love and caffeine. I swear at one point the flowers were egging me on, telling me how amazing everything was chanting “Go Julie, Go Julie”. Milly my pooch was pacing around catching every little leaf and cutting that fell adding them to her collection. Before I knew it I had I finished my last order and by midnight I had decided to call it a night, after placing the final touches, and finishing on each bouquet and arrangement.

The alarm clock jingled right at 7:00am and just like that without fear of being cranky, I had been shot with cupid’s arrow and couldn’t wait to start with my first delivery. From the east end of the city to the west end of the city Petals & Stems was spreading floral love all around.

Hope you beauties had an amazing love day spent at home, or out doing what you love (hopefully with a nice bouquet of flowers in tow to aromatize your everywhere because mine was FRIGGEN ASESOME!!!!!)

As always, thanks for all the love and support.

Don’t forget to check back soon, Petals & Stems in doing some great work in the city and we are so excited to share the news with you soon