Behind the Scenes... Business & Besties by Julie Greco

In life we are blessed to have one person that just gets us from the inside out. I'd like to say that I am remarkably blessed, because not only do I have one, but I have many great friends supporting Petals & Stems on the daily. I have extremely talented ones too and from time to time I think it's important to acknowledge the amazing people that have contributed to the existence and livelihood I like to call Petals & Stems.

Meet Marcus, the man behind helping build the Petals & Stems brand, best friends for over 15 years.

Through all my crazy ideas and tissue paper business plans over champs, I'm glad I have such a supportive and tech savvy bestie to help my creative vision come to fruition.
Marcus, "The Master Web Creator!!!"

Being Italian, I can say that I am extremely passionate when I speak...and how I speak for that matter. I'm sometimes abrasive and I talk through my hands, like most Italians do, who are passionate about what they are talking about. I generally don't stereotype, however this one is not too far from the truth ;)... I digress lol

The process is quite simple: while describing what I would like to have done to the site, or a vision I have, it seems that with the waves of my hand, and a few descriptive words, he is able to go away and turn my mumbles, sketches, hymns and haw's into an absolute stunnerie'. To say the least, not only is he my bestie, he moonlights as a web magician. All kidding aside, he is great at web and content development.

Although these hands were made for crafting and design, the brand image would not be anything close to where it is today if it weren't for Marcus. For those of you who have aspirations to build a site, grow your business to the next level or get information on how to maximize your SEO (right ?!?! Ha)

Trust me when I say, all you need is a few glasses of champs, two hands and a little Marcus in your life to help build out your vision (msg me).

Thank you Marcus for getting me and my vision and creating something that I couldn't have dreamed up any better.

I love you!
Jules Xoxo