Floral design, Elle Canada and Dior collab. Ding-dong went the ELLE by Julie Greco

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Last spring I was pleasantly surprised by an email from the all-amazing ELLE Canada magazine. It announced "we are reaching out to florists we love to join our new segment Flower Mondays and we want you" I almost started to delete it because I thought it was spam, obviously something peeked my interest, I responded and sure enough it was real! ELLE Canada’s blog was interested in little old Petals & Stems. After a few back and forth messages, the date was set and the wheels were in motion to make the perfect arrangement for their flower Mondays segment. The post was a success and I was ecstatic to have been part of the ELLE Canada blog back in July 2014.

#flowerwednesday Petals & Stems

#flowerwednesday Petals & Stems

I was surprised when a few months ago I receive another email from ELLE, only this time the request was for, not one floral arrangement, but two! And for more than just their Flower Mondays segment of their blog. The request both all-white, for a secret shoot going on at ELLE studios. Without hesitation, of course, I went to work designing a lavish paring of my favorite florals. The thought of my flowers being used for anything editorial was thrilling.

So the exciting part, because I didn’t even know what the super-secret shoot at their studios was for. Just a couple weeks ago I was going through the ELLE Canada site and to my sweet surprise, there they were! My fab all-white arrangements. Now keep in mind my flowers were not the centre focus of the shoot, they were to be part of the shoot, filler for-only-the-best-possible-shoot-they-could-be-on. Drum roll! My sweet flowers were part of the ELLE Canada closet x Dior collab.

Let's just say I almost died with excitement. See a little glimpse of my flowers and the make-up of course.

Dior has taken over our ‪ELLE Canada Closet‬! with Petals & Stems Go to http://ellecanada.com/ShopSpringBeauty to purchase Dior products directly from our VIDEOS. 

Video directed by Arkan Zakharov Stylist: Juliana Schiavinatto Music by MØ (SONY Music Ent.)

Did I forget to mention, the flowers are also set to appear in Elle magazine, on shelves this April!
Not only was I gushing with excitement over the ELLE Canada closet x Dior collab, I also got to participate in another blog segment.

So when your checking out ELLE Canada closet x Dior collab don't forget to check out the latest blog post, posted by Sarah Laing - ELLE Canada, to read all about breaking through those winter blues.

Love always Jules xo

Valentine’s Roses, Ranunculus and Romance by Julie Greco

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! Valentines that is; with each holiday, surpassing, the one before.

"The flowers were flowing the love was in the air and deliveries were going out the door"
I absolutely love Roses, and oh boy, Valentines is the purrrrfect holiday to have those babies on display.

Not only was the cooler dressed with the best roses, we had Parrot Tulips, and Clooney Ranunculus “Hot D’awg” those big eyed beauties take my breath away. I planted the seed with the hubs early on that he could get them from one of my suppliers. They knew exactly where to get him some if he was in the market to buy hehe and to my surprise "he delivered."

The studio was popping Friday night… and me; I was high on love and caffeine. I swear at one point the flowers were egging me on, telling me how amazing everything was chanting “Go Julie, Go Julie”. Milly my pooch was pacing around catching every little leaf and cutting that fell adding them to her collection. Before I knew it I had I finished my last order and by midnight I had decided to call it a night, after placing the final touches, and finishing on each bouquet and arrangement.

The alarm clock jingled right at 7:00am and just like that without fear of being cranky, I had been shot with cupid’s arrow and couldn’t wait to start with my first delivery. From the east end of the city to the west end of the city Petals & Stems was spreading floral love all around.

Hope you beauties had an amazing love day spent at home, or out doing what you love (hopefully with a nice bouquet of flowers in tow to aromatize your everywhere because mine was FRIGGEN ASESOME!!!!!)

As always, thanks for all the love and support.

Don’t forget to check back soon, Petals & Stems in doing some great work in the city and we are so excited to share the news with you soon

Winter Market by Julie Greco

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. With one holiday rush under my belt I am ready to start tackling the upcoming holiday season.

Petals & Stems is happy to announce that we will be participating in the Evergreen Holiday Market being hosted by Vendor Queens in partnership with Evergreen Brick Works.
The holiday market will take place on for 2 special dates in December. The 14th and the 21st and I could not be happier to be a vendor.

As the day quickly approaches so has my excitement level. On the list of goodies I’ll be hosting at the market this year are: hand woven holiday wreaths, door swags, lovely table arrangements utilizing natural elements of the season and of course my famous soy candles in a variety of 4 select scents!

Lovely bunches of seasonal florals will also be available for the picking. 

Bespoke and handmade; each piece holding its own element of show-stopping uniqueness.
Come check us out, the farmers market at Evergreen will also be on and I’ve heard that there will be lots of live music and entertainment to set the mood.

Don’t miss it.


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Could Life Be Any Sweeter... by Julie Greco

This year will definitely go down in the books as one of the best. Not only did I marry my best friend, I was inspired to start my own business.

On passion and a glass (many) of wine, Petals & Stems came to fruition. It's hard to begin to believe what 12 months and some hard work has achieved.

I am extremely humbled by the response and continued support I have received this year from friends and family and I Thank you for fueling this confidence you all have instilled in me on the daily - you are truly wonderful.

Officially, Petals & Stems is "1" today, and what an utterly amazing year/feeling it has been. Such great feats have been accomplished in our one year of being in business. To say the least, we've built relationships and been a part of some absolutely great memories that will forever be remembered and make me smile giddily for many moons to come.

Those who know me, know that I have always been a realist with a great imagination and a great lustre for life...(always close to the edge but never over.) However deciding to start Petals & Stems was different; my adventure into the floral world took all the eggs (so delicately placed, one by one) in my basket and together we finally went over the edge, knowing the outcome would be magical.

Starting a business is a decision that requires the ability to know you can, and I did. I am committed, I am passionate, and I have been blessed with the gift of floral design.
Following my passion for floral artistry is something that I will forever be proud of.

Although I've worked my butt off this year, it's hardly felt like a second of work...I know it sounds cliché, but it's the truth and that's what I'm sticking to.

In the words of...Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Every artist was first an amateur"... and this year sure did bring its opportunity to learn.

Mastering hydration, hand-tying bouquets...coupling corsages were no small feats, rather large victories.

Please note, on the record, that some flowers have given their life to this learning process, but with patience and practice the number of them has gone down.

So I say, cheers to letting the learning process continue and my love for flowers continues to grow. The opportunities are endless.

The card read...
"So be sure when you step, step with care and great tact. And remember that life's a great balancing act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, in deed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed). The infamous Dr. Seuss...

Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet little business "Petals & Stems" thank you for giving me the courage to follow my dreams and the ability to be surrounded by folks who are inspired by my work. Each day continues to amaze me and I am so excited to see what the future has in store for us!

Signed: XOXO Jules

Mary, Mary, Mary… Dilemmas, Decisions, and Dollars by Julie Greco

It was certain that being a florist I would create my own bouquet for my wedding day, accompanied by the bouquets my six bridesmaids would carry. The dilemma I faced was - who would create the rest of the floral design for the big day?

Naturally, I am crazy enough to have thought I could’ve done all the floral design and be the bride, however the realist in me knew that this was slightly advantageous ’ as there wasn’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything.

Frantically I went out and sourced a few designers whose work in the Toronto floral industry I admired. After my 2nd consultation with a couple of the designers I knew I wasn’t really getting what I was looking for as well as the flowers that I had set my heart on. As a florist, our taste in flowers can be somewhat expensive…totally referring to my wild obsession for garden roses.  And our ongoing obsession with perfection.

After searching the city for a few weeks I found Mary. She resides in a little shop called Lavender Rose Flowers nestled in the Scarborough Village. I have to say if it weren’t for Mary, my vision would not have been captured so perfectly.

When I told Mary the flowers I wanted she giggled thinking I was kidding. When she realized I wasn’t, she looked at me more seriously, and said “OK” and we went to work. Picking a mixture of greens that would complement the centerpieces nicely. Salal because of its reasonable price (such an underrated foliage), Ruscus because of its finesse and ability to be manipulated, and lastly Nagi for its soft, delicate texture.

That night jumbo hydrangeas along with Juliet Garden Roses, Secret Garden Roses, Lisianthus, a countless amount of Majolika sprays and all my favs’ were ordered. I couldn’t believe how perfectly my vision was being captured.

I am definitely a person who gives credit where credit is due and I have to acknowledge the amazing job that Mary and her team accomplished for my big day.

I think that when you are in the market for someone that does the same work you do, you can imagine that as a florist it was very difficult for me to hire another, cut from the same cloth. She captured the beauty I was looking to find for my big day and I am extremely thankful and grateful for Mary and her team, one for capturing my vision so well and two, for allowing me to be involved in the entire process.

“THANK YOU” to Mary for helping me create 24 beautiful table arrangements for my big day.


Behind the Scenes... Business & Besties by Julie Greco

In life we are blessed to have one person that just gets us from the inside out. I'd like to say that I am remarkably blessed, because not only do I have one, but I have many great friends supporting Petals & Stems on the daily. I have extremely talented ones too and from time to time I think it's important to acknowledge the amazing people that have contributed to the existence and livelihood I like to call Petals & Stems.

Meet Marcus, the man behind helping build the Petals & Stems brand, best friends for over 15 years.

Through all my crazy ideas and tissue paper business plans over champs, I'm glad I have such a supportive and tech savvy bestie to help my creative vision come to fruition.
Marcus, "The Master Web Creator!!!"

Being Italian, I can say that I am extremely passionate when I speak...and how I speak for that matter. I'm sometimes abrasive and I talk through my hands, like most Italians do, who are passionate about what they are talking about. I generally don't stereotype, however this one is not too far from the truth ;)... I digress lol

The process is quite simple: while describing what I would like to have done to the site, or a vision I have, it seems that with the waves of my hand, and a few descriptive words, he is able to go away and turn my mumbles, sketches, hymns and haw's into an absolute stunnerie'. To say the least, not only is he my bestie, he moonlights as a web magician. All kidding aside, he is great at web and content development.

Although these hands were made for crafting and design, the brand image would not be anything close to where it is today if it weren't for Marcus. For those of you who have aspirations to build a site, grow your business to the next level or get information on how to maximize your SEO (right ?!?! Ha)

Trust me when I say, all you need is a few glasses of champs, two hands and a little Marcus in your life to help build out your vision (msg me).

Thank you Marcus for getting me and my vision and creating something that I couldn't have dreamed up any better.

I love you!
Jules Xoxo