I truly believe quality stems from the fusion of passion and creativity. My life-long love affair with flowers came to a head as the company I worked for closed down and I was forced to re-evaluate my life. Having achieved success in my current career path, it was only natural to go through the motions of assembling an up-to-date resume and perusing the usual sites. However, my job searches often drifted into hours of researching the world of flowers and their role in lifeโ€™s most important occasions.

As an avid lover of the little things in life, I became an advocate for adding beautiful and fitting arrangements to every possible occasion.

My living room soon became the studio, and I created unique arrangements for my friends and family at every opportunity. I must give kudos to my fiancรฉ as he was the first one to genuinely encourage me to pursue this passion and turn a hobby into a thriving venture. Iโ€™ve never shied away from a challenge and was not about to start now. My very talented friend put together this fantastic website and I started planning.

My vision for Petals and Stems is to get people excited about flowers.

I look forward to continuing my relationships with local Growers to offer a little homegrown love to my clients. Remaining in a constant state of learning helps me stay informed of trends and pairings and I have built a broad portfolio of both pre-arranged and bespoke options. My consultations are meant to empower and educate clients, helping them to create an unforgettable arrangement.